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Lakewood Student

We would love to connect with you...

LSM is for students in 6-12 grades and offers midweek programming and Sunday morning class options during the school year. 

We also provide once a month student led STICK events in the Summer to help keep your students connected as well as many other social and missions related events to plug into.


We look forward to getting to know your student and your family. 

Click here for LSM '22-'23 student registration 
Click here for DISTRICT BLITZ conference in Duluth registration 


Lakewood Student Ministries offers Wednesday night programming for 6-12 grade students that meets in Lakewood's Great Hall from 6:30-8:00pm. Students start out in large group for a time of games, worship and a message. We then break into grade appropriate small groups for a time of peer and leader discussion that enables students to discuss the topic of the evening and dig deeper into God's word together. . 

You can register your student for all events with the link below. We are so excited to meet your student and get hype for Jesus!


Lakewood Student Ministries desires to promote spiritual growth, a servant's heart and community in our students. LSM provides a variety of short term missions trips both locally and with churches in other cities and abroad. This enables our students to grow a heart for serving others as well as practical experiences to bring to their every day lives as they minister to friends and family right here at home. We believe that they are the church and that they bring Christ's love wherever they go. If you are interested in finding out more information, click on the link below to connect with Pastor Jordan. 


Students in 6-12th grade meet in our youth areas  in Segway and Segway plus in the church office basement at 9:00am. 6-8th graders are on the left in Segway Plus and 9-12 grade students are on the right in Segway. Start dates can be found on our Lakewood calendar and are usually a week or two after the start of each school year.  

We would love for your Student to join us!


The STICK stands for STUDENTS TOGETHER IN CHRISTIAN KONGREGATIONS with a "K". This is our student led Summer programming that meets once a month and is planned and let by a team of our LSM students. The STICK is a great way for your students to stay connect with their peers over the summer and learn about God in the process. 

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